Ride Estimates on Reservation Confirmations - The charges contained in the Reservation Confirmations are intended as a good faith estimate of the costs involved based upon the information known to us at the time of the reservation. It is not intended to represent the actual cost of the trip.

Billing - All rides will be billed in US dollars. Hourly billing starts from the time the vehicle leaves the garage and ends when the vehicle returns to the garage. In all cases parking and tolls are additional, when applicable. Airport transfers or pick and drops will be billed as a flat charge with a 15 minute grace period.  After the grace period is over, charges in 15 minute increments will be applied.  If any type of transfer has a stop added, hourly billing will commence. 

Cancellations - Cancellations must be received at least two hours before the car is scheduled to be dispatched to greet you and up to 48 hours in advance for International travel. If you do cancel a reservation, please ask for the cancellation number which every BLS agent is required to provide to you.

Definitions of charges, if applicable

Gratuity - Any gratuity that may appear on the invoice is discretionary and the amount constitutes only a suggested sum and it is entirely up to the payer to remit whatever amount, if any, they deem warranted.  Both parties understand that from time to time it may be necessary for BLS to subcontract certain work without changing the total amount paid by the Company. Under such circumstances, however, the driver assigned to perform the subcontracted work will not be an employee of BLS and gratuity may not apply.

Energy Sur - This refers to an Energy Surcharge that will vary based upon fuel and electricity usage for gas and electric vehicles.

ISC - This refers to an Insurance Surcharge based on upon the increased cost of insurance premiums.

Processing Fee - This refers to the varying costs of handling, monitoring and processing a ride.

AHC Fee - This refers to the rising costs of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Sales Tax: As imposed by various county and state regulations, this is a required pass through charge.

Congestion Fee:  As imposed by New York State, this is a required flat fee of $2.75 on all rides that begin, end or pass through below 96th in Manhattan. 

Port Authority Fee: As imposed by New York State airports located in NY and NJ, a $2.50 fee is applied to each airport transfer.

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