BLS is Green

Saving the earth, one ride at a time.  For the eco-conscience traveler and green corporation who would like to lower their carbon footprint, BLS is proud to announce energy saving hybrid limos and hybrid car service.  Since 2007, BLS has worked towards a 50% green fleet by purchasing the Toyota Camry, Toyota Avalon and Lexus 400h vehicles.  BLS also features Flex-Fuel vehicle options, which include the Lincoln Navigator EL SUV and Town Car Sedan.  To reserve your green car service or hybrid airport transportation, please call (800) 843 5752 or book online.  For more vehicle types, click here.  

BLS can now provide Green Sustainability Reports for our clients, which include: Gallons Used, Carbon Footprint and GHG Emissions.  If you would like this report generated for your account, please email us at 


BLS Green Policies:

  • BLS has mandated a no idle policy to further reduce carbon emissions.
  • All BLS facilities are working towards a paperless enviroment.
  • BLS offers clients the ability to receive their invoices, ride receipts or reports through the web or email.
  • Paper is always printed on 100% recycled material.
  • BLS has mandated in all offices to replace energy efficient light bulbs and computer equipment.
  • BLS recently invested in a water clarification system to reduce pollutions and contaminants in water.
"BLS has been our companies vendor of choice for proprietary events, including award shows, anniversary celebrations, film festivals, major racing events, galas, and auction dinners. International events included handling our ground transportation needs in Mexico City. Our partnership began many years ago in the early 80’s. I truly value our business partnership, not only are they valued colleagues, but I consider them friends.
Customer Testimonial